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What does ESL mean?

English as a second language.
If you write in English and English is not your native language, you are an ESL writer.

TAILORED TO the academic world


My service is directed at academics, scientists, researchers, and university professors who speak English as a second language (ESL) and think that the quality of their English writing needs to be improved.

Your work is valuable.
Don’t let English get in the way.
I can help you improve a variety of text types,


  • research papers
  • grant proposals
  • book chapters
  • conference papers
  • abstracts
  • dissertations
  • essays
  • research articles
  • theses
  • technical reports
  • journal articles


Experienced and Qualified


With a deep understanding of the English language and a longstanding familiarity with academic writing, I strive to help academics who are non-native speakers of English get international exposure and recognition for their research work.

Since completing my M.A. in Linguistics, I have helped academics from several European universities perfect their papers on a variety of subjects.


“After her editing, the manuscript was accepted for publication without further corrections.”

Research Associate, Germany, Historical Linguistics

“I keep going back to her as a proofreader because of how thorough she is in her work.”

Post-Doc, Austria, Greek Theater

“Her accurate work allowed me to send my manuscript to a prestigious journal that has very high linguistic requirements.”

Medical Doctor, Italy, Gynaecology

Her corrections were an eye-opener. All those little mistakes, in nearly every sentence … now I have the perfect text!

Senior Researcher, Germany, Psychology

Words of wisdom

Why Hiring a Professional Editor is a Good Idea

As a professor, researcher, or PhD, your job involves carrying out research, as well as transmitting your knowledge to your students and supporting them in their education, learning, exploring new ideas, pushing the limits of your knowledge, and sharing your results with the academic community and the world outside it.

This is a lot of work, and you are highly qualified for it.

What is not part of your job description and should not consume too much of your time is writing in perfect English and polishing your research articles so that they meet the standards for publication…